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Thread: Solve Your ED/PE Problems With Panax

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    Ordered the panax from the site and got my panax pills last evening just
    in time for my meeting with my regular FL

    After popping the pill i could literally feel my tool seem to just keep on erecting

    Now when i reached the the place where my FL is, my tool springed up like a weapon, hahaha

    While i was with here, i was able to even keep my erection even after shooting out the first time,
    my erections stood strong for atleast 30 mins

    Definately one of the best items i have tried, recommended
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeMan View Post
    Okay, then i would like to place an order for 40 pcs, thanks
    Saw your pm and replied it, thanks for the support


    Answered all pms and emails

    Price is S$55 for 20 capsules. The price is in singapore dollars and also do leave
    your mobile number so that i can contact you back as well

    If you have any questions do email me or leave a post here and i will try
    to answer them

    To order please send an email to

    Please check your spam box as the email sometimes goes there as well

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    Some nice field reviews from previous buyers/users of the panax.

    Quote Originally Posted by StandardDeviation View Post
    Got the panax pills from TS today after and just used it earlier this evening, really
    happy, was able to remain hard for close to 30 mins.

    This is probably one of my best timings and i really enjoyed it. The FL was really tired when i
    was done screwing her

    In ending good product if you want to remain harder for a longer period in bed
    Quote Originally Posted by NavySeal View Post
    Should have written this sometime back, but just found the time due to work

    Like the others i have also used the panax and i noticed that i was able to prolong my
    hardness much longer than usual. Basically was able to prolong about 20 minutes to
    30 minutes atleast.

    In all a good product and will purchase again
    Quote Originally Posted by footydawg View Post
    Took this ytd abt an hour before sex and i wasnt dissapointed. Could feel the blood pumping faster. Got really horny and was banging the girl like mike adriano for a good 40-45 mins before explosion

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    TS i would like to check, i only take 1 pill when as i need it correct?

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    Hi TS, may I check if it works well for PE?

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    how PANAX can affect to your daily needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChipmunkTeo View Post
    TS i would like to check, i only take 1 pill when as i need it correct?
    Yes correct, you only take 1 pill when you need it

    Quote Originally Posted by gluttonyjj View Post
    Hi TS, may I check if it works well for PE?
    Yes it does bro but people mainly use the panax for its ability to give harder erections

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