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Thread: My gf has low sex drive

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    Sometime the prob is u bro . I think u need to talk more I don't know maybe be more romantic or something .
    I use to try sex drop & Spanish but not all gals were effective . . It's how u roll bro ..

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    Hi bros, this article was help to you about your gf is low of sex drive.
    Please read article, why is that happen. Hope it will helps a lot.


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    Quote Originally Posted by itchyhole View Post
    I'm a horny man but my gf has low sex drive. How can I increase her sex drive? I try sex toy but don't seems to work well, any suggestion?
    i guess this is very common for a lot of ladies

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    download some porn video, watch it together with her. It helps greatly, trust me.

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    If it has always been this way then probably it is in them....... usually when they are in 30 s then they have more desire......

    look around bro..... find another GF.... I know what you mean.....

    if you marry her and think its gonna happen then you are wrong... .find someone that can match your sexual needs and your desires..... we are governed by sex....

    No such thing to me as intellectual attraction and all that.... bullshit la... once you tasted good old fashion dirty sex.... nothing else gonna work for you...

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    Just try Spanish fly... i'm sure it will works.

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