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Thread: OKT PETER GWEE - Geylang lorong 18 house 20 FR

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    Quote Originally Posted by maybankswee View Post
    Ma Li (Mary) Geylang lorong 18 house 20

    Look : 7/10 (look mature, age range 25 to 28 mature OL type)
    Boob : moderately big, maybe B+ or C cup
    Shower : 9/10 (BBBJ deepthroat she can lick my ball while doing it awesome,AR,Boob Rub all done in shower)
    Massage : 7.5/10 (quite skilful as mentioned by other bros with One dragon service)
    Catbath with boob rub : 8/10
    BJ : 8.5/10 (water BBBJ and forcefully strong, did not give her full points as I think she too powerful, almost on the verge of hurting me, so you will have to tell her if your dick too sensitive)
    Painting : I painted her so long and she's so wet
    Frenching : passionate
    FJ : Missionary and done with Doggy

    overall : 9/10
    RTF : Why not? If you do not mind mature ladies look, get her for excellent service! (my first time experiencing deepthroat)
    ma li can do the dongguan 1 dragon service?

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    MA LI 1820*

    young milf age 28 - 29 and slight baba at the top type,
    Looks 7.0
    Body 7.5 (Bah Bah at top and has huge bobbies to crave for)
    BJ 8.0 suck like there is no tomolo shiok and powerful
    Frenching like no tomolo and high GFE*
    Fj accommodating and hard working
    Good Dongguan style 1 dragon service and will RTF !!!

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